The key people you are trying to reach often have very little time to digest your marketing message so grabbing and holding their attention is vital, and key to being recognised and remembered.

We are subjected to around 3000 brand hits per day, pay attention to 52 and remember 4. VideoPak can help you be in that 4, promoting maximum engagement at home or the office.

Physical to digital is a more effective method of marketing communications as it is multi-sensory.

The Benefits of VideoPak

  • Physical and digital in the hand
  • Exceptional opening/viewing rates
  • Is shown to other people (up to 7 further people)
  • Retained and not thrown away
  • Can be re-usable
  • Highly engaging and interactive
  • Targeted with personalised content
  • Memorable
  • Attention grabbing
  • Modern
  • Combine with Digital Key to directly launch a website or specific web page with full analytics technology.

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Premium Range

Our premium range is available for quick turn around and low order numbers.

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Bespoke Range

From concept discussion through to design, mass-production and distribution.

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VideoPak Gallery

View the finished products. From the Premium range options to bespoke designs.

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