Digital Key

Digital key looks like a USB memory stick, and fits into the USB of all computers. It then launches a specific website or web page without any clicks or typing by the user.

An interactive physical-to-digital product, Digital Key is a light weight, cost effective and modern way to engage and direct your customers. It can be a standalone product or integrated into your direct mail campaign, with personalised variable data.

Each key is coded with a unique tracking number, with full tracking and analytics available through our cloud based CRM.

The benefits of Digital Key:

  • Physical and digital in the hand
  • Modern, innovative and re-usable
  • Light weight, perfect for mailing
  • Targeted with personalised content
  • Cost effective
  • Standalone or integrated product
  • Full cloud based analytics technology.

Digital Key is Mac and PC compatible and certified “McAfee Secure”

How have our customers used Digital Key to see up to a 60% ROI?

Direct Mail

Fused into a letter or brochure, tipped on to a letter. Providing a clear and easy “call to action” to the recipient.


Allowing customers to collect and manage loyalty points both in-store and online. Regular changing of the landing page encourages the customer to keep returning.

Internet Shopping Coupons

Taking the customer directly to a web coupon, which can be directly linked to the relevant retailer/product selling page
Event Visitors – hand your visitor a Digital Key that takes them directly to your chosen web page after they have left. Prompt them to “register” their details to personalise their unique Digital Key.

The possibilities and limitless, you could use Digital Key:

  • For exclusive content access
  • Online competition entry
  • As an invitation with a link to RSVP page
  • Targeted with personalised content
  • Online presentations
  • To access promotions/offers
  • As a registration prompt

Available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Standard Range

Standard Range

Standard Range

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